Monday, November 23, 2009


2009 年的学年结束以前,我 Create 了这个 video 来教小朋友唱歌。算是张老师我送给一二年级学生们的小礼物咯~
video 里大部分都是歌词,因为是教唱歌嘛!(虽然有点简单,还是有小朋友唱到落泪的说。。)




Love H said...

Hi Jocelyn! :D
How are you?

I found your blog by mistake but I thought the pictures below were beautiful! Lovely nature!

So I was curious which country you came from. I'm from sweden and I'm 17 years.

Regards ^^

Jocelyn said...

hello Love H~

i'm 24 years old old lady from Malaysia, haha..

i m soooo lazy to update my blog recently coz the network line here not so good.. anyway, thx for viewing ya!

wei jie... richard said...

夭寿咯。。。选酱down 的歌。。。那些小孩子一定哭啦。。。哈哈